Emergency Preparedness Checklist For Dogs

Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Dogs: Items Not to Miss Before Evacuation

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Are you preparing for hurricane evacuation?

What a tragic few weeks it has been for hurricanes!  If you have pets, don’t forget about their needs when preparing for hurricanes, tropical storms or other disasters. Before you leave, make sure to note pet friendly hotels in your evacuation destination. You may also want to note any vet emergency clinics in the event you need urgent care for your pet. For pet friendly shelters and more, head here.

If you are in a state that will be affected without mandatory evacuation, please bring your pets inside. Since my state is preparing for possible hurricanes this weekend, I wanted to share a checklist for other dog owners. I truly hope this is helpful and that everyone (pets included) can stay safe. Hopefully these hurricanes will come to an end ASAP!

Emergency Preparedness Checklist For Dogs

Hurricane & Disaster Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Dogs

  • Vaccination & Microchip Records
  • ID tag with your name & number for your dog to wear
  • Medications if applicable
  • 3-7 Days worth of dry and / or wet food
  • Bowls for water and food
  • Bottled water for pets
  • Kennels, carriers or crates
  • Leashes and collars or harnesses
  • Pee pads in case outside access is limited
  • Waste pickup bags (especially in case of accidents)
  • A blanket from home for comfort
  • Photos of you with your dog(s) in the event you get separated
  • Dog first aid kit
  • Rain protection such as umbrellas or dog jackets


  • If your stores are out of bottled water, fill clean ziploc bags or empty bottles with tap water.
  • Take advantage of that Amazon Prime membership for many essentials (or get a free 30-Day trial here).
  • If available in your area, Amazon offers Prime Now for nearly instant groceries. Bottled water, peanut butter and more arrived at my door within two hours!
  • Walmart has free grocery pickup – don’t fight the crowds!


See this ASPCA article for even more detailed tips on preparing for dogs and other pets for hurricanes.

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